Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management

We are licensed to manage discretionary client portfolios with the aim of realizing the optimal income given their risk tolerance levels. Our clients’ goals are our goals. The portfolio management is carried out by licensed investment consultants with vast experience, for the benefits of our client.

Our advantages:

Save time and generate income – The discretionary portfolio management is suitable for investors that do not possess the required time and/or skills. Our investment consultants will carry out an in-depth interview with every client so as to determine the suitable investment strategy and optimal portfolio structure.

This is a tailored product: Your individual risk tolerance levels are taken into account to form your individual investment goals. We consider the behavioral biases and other emotional considerations, together with any limitations provided by the client in structuring the discretionary client’s portfolio.

  • Seeking alpha: The discretionary portfolio management is a possibility for generating alpha income, bettering the performance of mass-saving products like mutual funds and banking deposits;
  • You determine the portfolio size: As our client, you can deposit or withdraw funds at any given moment free of charge;
  • You determine the investment horizon: Only your needs and requirements are important, any horizon is achievable and flexible;
  • Ownership security: All the financial instruments are your discrete property;
  • You profit from our experience and usage of cutting-edge information;
  • Detailed periodic reporting;
  • No tax is owed for capital gains for Bulgarian tax residents;

Important information about your investment assets:

  • All financial instruments are kept in your personal investment account, separated from the assets of the brokerage house, as per the regulations of the Law for the Public Offering of Securities of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • All liquid funds can be withdrawn rapidly and transferred to your bank account;
  • Your assets are managed by licensed professionals;
  • Your funds are protected in case of broker’s insolvency for up to BGN 40 000 by the Investors’ Compensation Fund.