22 December 2022

Процедура по конвертиране на облигации от капитала на „Захарни заводи“ АД

Управителният съвет на „Захарни заводи“ АД е взел решение за увеличение на капитала на дружеството на основание чл.195 от Търговския закон чрез превръщане на конвертируеми облигации от емисия ISIN код BG2100009187 в акции на компанията.

16 June 2022

MK Brokers are the lead manager fo Fashion Supply – the candidate for the next IPO on the BEAM Market

Fashion Supply is preparing an IPO to the BEAM market The company will raise capital for expanding and optimizing its operations in Bulgaria and Europe The Bulgarian ready-to-wear garments manufacturer Fashion Supply, with stable market positions in Europe, is the first developed company that is planning its IPO on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange’s *BEAM growth […]

24 February 2020

Change of the name of the investment intermediary

We hereby inform you that as of 24.02.2020 on the account of “DISL Securities” AD, with UIC 175007052 in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency were entered the following changes: The entity has a new name as follows: MK Brokers AD The entity has also new management address, namely: Town of Sofia, Postal code […]