Bulgarian stock exchange

Bulgarian stock exchange

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange is a public company, licensed by the Bulgarian Fianncial Supervision Commission as a regulated market for financial instruments. Currently it is the only operating stock exchange in Bulgaria.

More than 370 issues of shares, more than 60 bond issues 3 compensatory instruments are registered and traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

MK Brokers is a licensed intermediary for all deals, registered on the regulated market, including OTC deals and deals with paper securities.

All the deals on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange are executed in real-time at the best possible price under the regulations provided in the BSE Rulebook. All the OTC deals are executed as negotiated between the two counterparts.

We are the intermediary our clients use to trade with shares, bonds and compensatory instruments on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Our clients benefit from a private treatment and a professional view regarding the traded instruments.

The advantages for our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Timely order execution;
  • Low trading commissions;
  • Full accountability and reporting for the clients’ portfolios and trading;
  • Funds administration – money transfers to and from the investment accounts;
  • Direct contact with our brokerage team – each and every working day, 9-5;

Optimizing the commissions: if trading is active and volumes are high, you can negotiate the commissions for your optimal expense structure.

Our goal is developing a sustainable and lasting client relationships via sharing our experience on the capital markets.